Introducing the new rank reward system

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    Introducing the new rank reward system

    Post by .Gunhilde. on Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:19 am

    Post Count Rewards

    From now on, you can get rewards or opportunities for reaching a certain post count. Each rank has it's own benefits, which may or may not overlap with other features - getting a title, then winning another in a challenge. Here are the rewards and the post count needed:

    • 675 - "Needs Rehab" - Username change
    • 1200 - "Bleeds Citrus" - Colored name
    • 5000 - "Post Count God" - Custom title/rank

    Please keep in mind that these will not happen automatically - when you reach each milestone you must message a moderator to collect the reward. You may also choose not to message said mod until you want to claim the reward. They are one-time only (meaning you cannot ask for another), and you must be above the specified post count.


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