Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...


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    Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

    Post by dumbshit. on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:20 pm

    So I moved out of my apartment after the lease finished because I had a terrible landlord and didn't want to deal with her anymore. Upon moving out there was a few damages that I fixed myself. There was a small hole in the wall and I filled it in with dry wall but did not repaint it so you could see the white patch.

    My landlord asked me to have the carpet professionally cleaned and give her the receipt. I rented a steam cleaner and cleaned the carpets myself and told her I was unable to give her a reciept because I did it myself and it was perfectly clean.

    I also bought $60 worth of cleaning supplies and made the 1 bedroom apartment look in even better condition that was when I got it. I made washroom sparkling clean and whipped everything in the apartment right down to cleaning the dust off each and every blind. Washed all the windows, washed off every countertop in the kitchen, just everything you could imagine.

    Also, when I first moved in, I noticed a small patch on the storage room door. That looked like it was filled in with white puddy. I left it that way when I left.

    Now after moving out my landlord, instead of sending me my damage deposit back, sends me a large bill.

    After their inspection of my apartment they charged me for the following things:

    Carpet cleaning $168.25
    Suite cleaning: $195 6 hours at 32.50 per hour.
    Repaired: 2 walls, and storage room door. $300

    My damage deposit was $300 and they deducted that from my bill. And are forcing me to pay $365 within 30 days of they are going to a collection agency and having my flawless credit history destroyed.

    I'm completely fuming. They're charging me for the storage room door that I left the way I got it. Also 2 walls, now maybe they didn't like the patch job I did on that one wall, okay, charge me for it, that's fair I guess. But 2 walls, I have no idea what this second wall is about?

    Carpet cleaning is fair too, I suppose. The carpet was perfectly fine and didn't need a professional job done after I already did it...but whatever.

    And charging me $195 for 6 hours of cleaning in an apartment I left spotless, what the heck! They charged me $195 and took 6 hours to clean up perhaps a little bit of dust I may or may not have missed.

    I am being completely ripped off here and don't know what I can do about this? How can she have the right to charge me for all this? Someone please help or give me some advice on what I can do about the situation.

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    Re: Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

    Post by Dinner; on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:21 pm

    dude chill
    my damage deposit on my old townhouse was well over 1000
    and all we got back was 15

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    Re: Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

    Post by blackice. on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:21 pm

    Ya but the difference is she claims she cleaned the whole apartment, which really means there is no reason to have to pay for any damage or repairs. I'm not too sure who you would go talk to, obviously a lawyer would be a pretty good choice, bring in all your renters info and any paperwork that had anything to do with that apartment.
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    Re: Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

    Post by _Hiatus_ on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:27 pm

    I would need a jurisdiction to be any more specific.

    Check your lease, check your landlord tenancies act or equivalent. Frequently if they are taking your damage deposit, they must register that with the residential tenancies board. Furthermore, if they've done it to you, they've probably done it to other tenants. See if you can find out (from the board) if the previous tenant was dinged for the patch.

    If you have any receipts for the rental of the steam cleaner, the chemicals etc. Make sure you have those in a safe place. That likely will be useful if you decide to contest the debt.

    Pictures, pictures, pictures. Unfortunately some LL are sketch. Protect yourself in the future, any damages you want to document when you move in, and document the state when you leave. It protects you a lot from stunts like this in the future.

    As for collections or small claims, it is probably not worth the hassle for either side, collections will net them like $25 after fees and etc. and small claims is equally bad. For a debt of $365 in small claims, they'll get even less depending on the jurisdiction.

    What you can do however is complain to your local residential tenancies board. Costs you virtually nothing, and you get to fight your own battles. Draws them out in terms of time (which is $ for them) and promote a settlement because it's not worth their time. If they have not filed to keep your damage deposit, it may blow up on them badly.

    It is a shitty situation, and no, you are probably not getting a 100% fair shake, but you may not entirely be in the right either unfortunately, depending on what the Acts and regulations say. You can fight it though.


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    Re: Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

    Post by suavesavior on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:29 pm

    Didn't you do a move out inspection? Take pics of all notable damage when moving in to a place and do a move out inspection with the landlord. If a move out inspection wasn't done you have a total case with dispute resolution. The landlord will have to prove all that damage was not simply wear and tear.

    Unfortunately you don't seem to have built any evidence to the contrary. They need photos, not hearsay. Better luck next time.

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    Re: Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help...

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