Requests for Removal of Content

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    Requests for Removal of Content Empty Requests for Removal of Content

    Post by .Gunhilde. on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:30 am

    Due to the nature of this forum, it's 100% natural to consider that some people may want any threads or rants about them to be removed. But it's not that simple, just because this is the internet and nobody really controls it. If you want content removed, you should contact either me, or _Hiatus_, both of us being head moderators. But before you do, please keep one thing in mind.

    • How are you coming across? Obviously, if you come in screaming and shouting profanities, demanding things, we're more likely to laugh and pass you off, ignore your request. The internet is a very public place. Everything you post, including pictures, opinions, ect. ect. are fair game unless they are licensed and or professionally copyrighted. You are more likely to have your request honored if you show maturity and professionalism.

    If the content posted was offensive, inappropriate, or overtly sexual in nature, it would have been removed by our moderator. But The Wall of Shame is a forum created with the purpose of showing off your trolling, flaming, and arguments with random people on the internet. Obviously, it's not going to be very "positive" in here, and if you don't like it, you should steer clear. We reserve the right to refuse to remove content, especially if the person requesting only made a account for the purpose of doing so.

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