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    The Bard Guide
    (If you haven't read the noob guide, go here first)

    The Bard is a elf-only class that uses the harp as a weapon. They have a three star micro level, but that doesn't mean that you only need to faceroll to play. In fact, the bard class runs off of a system of patterns, often referred to as notes and chords to operate.

    Bard is a healing/support class, with a bit of damage dealing capabilities. If you do not like healing, and do not want to buff your friends, then don't make a bard. It is almost impossible for this class to go full on DD.


    The Bard's experience in Forsaken World is unique. They revolve around buffs and debuffs. They can also heal, and at level 30 they get a powerful AoE (Area of Effect) heal that the other classes love them for. The addition of a bard to a relatively good part can make it a great party.

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    The Scoresheet

    The scoresheet is the bard's spellbook. By combining the chords c, d, and e in a particular order, they can buff of debuff their friends and enemies. In order to play a bard, you need to know your way around the scoresheet - mousing over each note will show you which score is which and what chords you need to set it off. Mousing over spells in your spell bar will also show you which spells start which chord.

    In order to buff themselves or others, Bards need to be in combat and the other person needs to be in a party with them. Some of the healing spells aren't restricted by this rule.


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